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AccessBET Nigeria Promo Codes and their Meaning


If you want to receive bonuses from the bookmaker's office, use the AccessBET bonuses. New participants are entitled to free access to AccessBET. What is this and how to use the bonus amounts?

The bookmaker AccessBET offers many different actions and bonuses. It is a promotional code of AccessBET, a free bonus for a new member and the redemption of a bet by the bookmaker. Where can I find all this, how can I get it and won't I have to pay for it free later?

What Are the Bonuses in the Bookmaker's Office

To stop old players and attract new ones, the bookmaker's office enjoys the participants with various promotions, places promotion codes and grants bonuses. For example, AccessBET freebie - a new participant will receive up to 25 000 NGN bonus.

Bookmaker AccessBET - officially registered in Nigeria, legally operating company. Therefore there is nothing to be afraid of. They will not take money from you for a bonus or promotional code, but you will get a chance to win. The most important thing is to carefully read the conditions, footnotes, between the lines and then unpleasant surprises are impossible. On the contrary, you will get not only the pleasure of betting, but also a material benefit.

What's the bonus? It is a certain reward, measured in money or points, which the AccessBET bookmaker gives players. It is enough for them to meet the following conditions in advance: they make a deposit, win a certain amount, place certain bets, etc.

Currently there are the following promotions available: AccessBET promotional code, free bonus from the bookmaker upon registration, various bonuses. Some promotions are valid permanently, others occasionally. Subscribe to our messages and receive AccessBET coupons for free to participate in the bonus and cash prize draw.

Bonus for New Members

New members of the AccessBET bookmaker offer up to 25 000 NGN as a bonus (and there is no need to enter any promotional codes) during registration. This is AccessBET freebie. You can bet on any line, any game and any odds.

For this to happen, the following conditions must be met:

  • Register on the official website.

  • To pass your identification.

  • Add a deposit of at least 2500 NGN.

  • The maximum amount of AccessBET freebet is 25 000 NGN.

  • You can put this in the "Line" or live.

  • Number of events - one or more.

  • The bet type is regular or express.

  • Bet amount = total deposit.

  • Bonus amount = 50% of the deposit amount.

  • Bonus period - 30 days after registration.

If you want to use your AccessBET bonus during the registration, it is important to win the bonus amount both after authorisation and after the deposit has been credited. Otherwise, the bonus will no longer accrue. That is to say, top up your balance immediately with an amount of between 5 and 50 thousand and play rather than transfer to it in parts.

There are a number of conditions for using freebet:

  1. Within 30 days of registering on the website to place a bet or bets, twice the amount of freebet.

  2. Within 7 days after the first deposit the bonus will burn.

  3. The ratio is no more than 2.0! Only winning bets will be taken into account depending on the results of the games.

  4. It is possible to place bets on "Lines" or "Live".

  5. If you do not want to lose your bonus or increase your bet amount, you cannot sell your bet to the bookmaker.

First the amount of the deposit is bet and then the bonus amount. During betting, the player has the choice of playing on his own or "Use Freebet".

It is important that the entire bonus amount is redeemed and the events end before the bonus with the promotion code expires. Losing, winning - this is no longer valid. If a participant wins, the profit is credited to the main account without including Freebet. Those who are particularly happy and calculating will suddenly be lucky to win the main prize - 300 million nairas.

By the way, with promotional codes. You need it to get the bonus. The combination of letters and numbers should be entered after registration in a special window.

The second condition - where the deposit is completed, you win back there. If you deposit your main account on the site, you play on the site. If PPS, it means that you bet on PPS.

Please note that depending on the amount of the deposit, the number and size of the freebet will change.

These conditions apply until midnight on 31 October 2020. It is possible that something will change in the company's policy on freebetting. The terms and conditions of the promotion may be changed by the bookmaker.

Favorable Express

Particularly risky and gamers are constantly looking for a promotional AccessBET code (currently free) to receive the "Preferential Express" bonus. What is this?

A participant who has received this bonus on the basis of a promotional code is entitled to "suffer" in one of the Express results. In this case he will still receive a win.

Cheap Express

Especially risk and gambling players are constantly looking for the promotion code AccessBET (currently free) to receive the bonus "Preferential Express". What is it?

The participant who received this bonus through the promotion code has the right to "suffer" from any of the results of the express. In this case he will still receive the prize. Such expressions are characterized by high coefficients. 

But there are also a number of conditions:

  1. There are 6 events with independent outcome in the voucher.

  2. Games, but also sports, whatever.

  3. All 6 events must be played without refund, otherwise the benefits are cancelled.

  4. The odds for each event are over 1.6.

  5. There is only one possibility to make a mistake.

  6. A wrongly guessed outcome of 2 or more events will result in the loss of the entire voucher.

  7. You can only use them in the Express. The system does not offer such an advantage.

The risk is high, but the victory is also solid. Count 6 events with the odds of 1.6. The stake is 500 NGN.

With a correct guess the player receives: 500*1.6*1.6*1.6*1.6*1.6*1.6=5240 NGN. Even if 1 wrong choice is considered.

Promotion "Preferential Express" - a permanent offer from AccessBET. If you want to use it for today, go to the official website in the section "Promotions" and click on "Place a bet".

Hot Friday

Every week the bookmaker AccessBET runs the "Hot Friday" campaign. 

It is about a car of BMW 5 type, the total prize fund is 50 million nairas, which will be distributed in parts for each week, each month and for the New Year. The distributed amounts can be viewed at the link of the promotion on the official website AccessBET.

To participate in the action, you must meet a number of conditions.

  • To be a member of one of the clubs whose list is also published there.

  • To bet a minimum of 1250 NGN on an event with a coefficient of 1.6 in one of the clubs listed in "Liniya" or "Live".

  • Get a voucher for the lottery. It will appear in your profile after the bet calculation.

The more bets and their amount, the more virtual coupons. 

Next follow the lotteries, check the result. All participants receive incentive prizes, and only the lucky ones - a cash prize or a car.